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Getting leggy — and arty — with a giant fetish model sensation from Oakland

Tower of power: Amazon Eve on the cover of Zoo Weekly

Most often her sessions revolve around a theme, from the naughty schoolgirl to the cowgirl who knows how to hogtie. She's held a powerful oil executive in her arms while he muttered "Mommy, mommy!" She's wrestled with her legs tied together with a paralyzed Danish man. And her next hurdle: wrestling a 465-pound professional wrestler in Dallas. "I need to start training immediately," she said. "He wants me to perform a very particular scissor move, so it's my job to figure out how to get my legs around him."

At $400 per hour, it seems crazy that guys would spend such a large amount of cash without the promise of a "big finish." But Eve reminds me that fetishes aren't necessarily sexual: "Fetish is about a heightened sense of awareness and sexual stimuli, not necessarily sexual acts themselves."

Our tour of the museum is cut short so Eve can make it to a session with a new client. She pulled me in for a hug, my face pressed directly into her soft breasts. I immediately understand why little guys like Eve.

And off to work she goes — extra-large schoolgirl outfit in her purse.

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