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Gotta shake at the party-riot — Galactic's got supafunkrock and sissy bounce

A happy accident born in a place marked by disaster, Galactic's Ya-Ka-May is as queer and funky as today.
Photo by C. Taylor Crothers

With so many shouting and signifying, Ya-Ka-May can wear you out like a daylong community festival with 100 performers on the bill. The specter of Hurricane Katrina lingers above it all. Perhaps that's where all the wondrous and sometimes-bizarre mania comes from.

"For years, you couldn't walk out of your door without thinking about the storm or interacting with some aspect of it," he says. "But there's life there, and there's art being made. It's a really fascinating city to live in, to watch an American city go through something so traumatic.

"To some degree, everything in New Orleans now revolves around that event. But Ya-Ka-May isn't about Hurricane Katrina. It's about the contemporary scene in New Orleans as it exists today."


Fri/5, 9 p.m.

The Fillmore

1805 Geary, SF

(415) 346-6000

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