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Independent journalists face consequences after documenting student education protests

Independent journo Josh Wolf finds himself in the middle of another controversy

Reporters from mainstream television news programs toting bulky cameras were also filming on the freeway, but were allowed to leave. Guardian news intern Jobert Poblete and multimedia producer Cameron Burns with UC Berkeley's Daily Californian were arrested on the freeway too, but their charges were later dropped after state Sen. Leland Yee intervened. "Journalists are generally provided greater access to cover news stories than other members of the public," Yee wrote in a letter to the Alameda County District Attorney's Office. "Unfortunately, law enforcement did not provide such leeway in this case."

Adam Keigwin, Yee's chief of staff, said the senator's office got involved on behalf of the Guardian and the Daily Cal because he knew those publications. "We just need to know more about this," Keigwin said. "Once credentialed media is present, it's the senator's perspective that journalists should have the right to cover these things and should not be charged."

But when asked if there is a deficiency in state law since that right doesn't technically exist, Keigwin responded, "This may be something we should consider."