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A half-dozen reasons to rise with the dough in the morning

Matching Half Cafe


Stare into one of the pastry cases at Boulange and you'll see the signs for "morning buns." But Boulange's morning bun isn't really a morning bun, as one staff member readily acknowledged. "We call them cinnamon-orange buns," she said. "They are our own version of morning buns." Starting with a croissant dough, Boulange MBs are flatter and rounder than a traditional morning bun, don't have the crispy, caramelized sugar muffin top, and have a bit more orange than others. While purists may shriek, "Wrong!" iconoclasts are likely to counter with "Nice!" (Whole Foods also carries Boulange's buns in its bakery cases.)

Various locations, www.laboulange.com



The small neighborhood café at the corner of Fulton and Baker streets in the Panhandle doesn't bake its own MBs, but it does get a daily stash from Bakers of Paris. Shunning tradition, Bakers of Paris uses puff pastry and rolls its version with orange zest, making for a light, refreshingly acidic, not too sweet treat. Although you can't get one fresh out of the oven (Bakers of Paris' bakery is in Brisbane), Matching Half staff will heat it up for you. (Bakers of Paris also sells its buns at the Sunday farmers markets on Grove in the Divis Corridor and Irving in the Inner Sunset.)

1799 McAllister, SF. (415) 674-8699. www.matchinghalfcafe.com



Sorry, you can't go to the source, and you won't get a warm one. But if you have access to a warming device — and you can wait — you can opt for one of Semifreddi's goodies. The bakery, which has its baking operations in the East Bay and no retail outlet, trucks its wonderfully carmelized, brioche-based MBs to numerous grocery stores, including Mollie Stone's, Berkeley Bowl, and Faletti Market. Perfect for when you really slept late. www.semifreddis.com

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