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The wit and wisdom — and sweet and scary melodies — of Baby Dee


I was more at home with really, really old music. As a matter of fact I avoided the entire 19th century. It isn't that there wasn't beautiful music — Chopin, Beethoven — but I avoided the whole thing. I discovered Bach and went backwards from there. I was fascinated by Gregorian music and I finally got as a far as the Renaissance and became obsessed with [Giovanni Pieruigi da Palestrina] and the Spanish composer [Juan Evo] Morales [Ayma] and [Tomas Luis de] Victoria."

On Joey Arias: "It's not like Joey Arias is underrated. He might be the most beloved living drag singer. But he's sort of ghettoized, very unfairly. I think he's one of the greatest vocalists alive. If you've ever heard Joey get serious, there's no greater heartbreaker."

On her relation to the New York club scene: "The whole time cool things were happening in New York, I was in some dusty old piano loft in the South Bronx playing Palestrina on an organ."

On her drink of choice: "It depends on when and where. If it's before dinner, J&B Scotch on the rocks. If it's after, it would definitely be Armagnac."


With Karl Blau, Jeffery Manson

Fri/30, 9 p.m., $12


853 Valencia, SF

(415) 970-0012


What's with using male pronouns for Baby Dee? If you look on her website, she clearly uses female pronouns there. Using the wrong pronouns is disrespectful.

Posted by Guest on Apr. 28, 2010 @ 10:24 am

This was my mistake, an honest and rushed one though no less stupid or unfortunate. It happened twice at the end of the piece. I've corrected it.

Posted by johnny on May. 03, 2010 @ 11:36 am

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