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The wit and wisdom — and sweet and scary melodies — of Baby Dee


I was more at home with really, really old music. As a matter of fact I avoided the entire 19th century. It isn't that there wasn't beautiful music — Chopin, Beethoven — but I avoided the whole thing. I discovered Bach and went backwards from there. I was fascinated by Gregorian music and I finally got as a far as the Renaissance and became obsessed with [Giovanni Pieruigi da Palestrina] and the Spanish composer [Juan Evo] Morales [Ayma] and [Tomas Luis de] Victoria."

On Joey Arias: "It's not like Joey Arias is underrated. He might be the most beloved living drag singer. But he's sort of ghettoized, very unfairly. I think he's one of the greatest vocalists alive. If you've ever heard Joey get serious, there's no greater heartbreaker."

On her relation to the New York club scene: "The whole time cool things were happening in New York, I was in some dusty old piano loft in the South Bronx playing Palestrina on an organ."

On her drink of choice: "It depends on when and where. If it's before dinner, J&B Scotch on the rocks. If it's after, it would definitely be Armagnac."


With Karl Blau, Jeffery Manson

Fri/30, 9 p.m., $12


853 Valencia, SF

(415) 970-0012

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