ENDORSEMENTS: National and state races - Page 6


If you buy a book at your local bookstore, you have to pay sales tax; if you buy it from Amazon, it's tax-free. That not only hurts the state, which loses hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, it's a competitive disadvantage to local shops. Skinner's a good progressive vote and an ally for Ammiano on the Public Safety Committee. We're happy to endorse her for another term.




Sandre Swanson represents the district where BART police killed Oscar Grant, but he wasn't the one out front pushing for more civilian accountability; that was left to SF's Ammiano. And while Swanson was generally supportive of Ammiano's bill, he was hardly a leader in the campaign to pass it. This is too bad, because Swanson's almost always a progressive vote and has been good on issues like whistleblower protection (a Swanson bill that passed this year protects local government workers who want to report problems confidentially). We'll endorse him for another term, but he needs to get tougher on the BART police.