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Eye dares: The straight-razor gay wizardry of Gwenael Rattke

Also closing toward the end of the month (May 22 to be exact) is Beverly Rayner's "Accretion" at Braunstein/Quay, an elongated housecoat covered in the day-to-day paper ephemera — greeting cards, bills, receipts, inspirational quotes, correspondences — that one accumulates over the course of a lifetime. "Go paperless" is one takeaway. That such a load is too much to bear — psychically as much as environmentally — is another. *


Through May 14, free

California College of the Arts

1111 Eighth St., SF

(415) 703-9500



Through May 14, free

Ping Pong Gallery

1240 22nd St., SF

(415) 550-7483


Through May 22, free

Braunstein/Quay Gallery

430 Clementina, SF

(415) 278-9850


"We invite you to become an artist. Because life is art, the way we engage with life is art.

Engage in life, in art. We invite you to join an inexplicable mob that will create artwork that is built with objects of personal, sentimental or aesthetic value.

Participate by bringing an object you can fit in your pocket.

Together we will create art, a massive piece that is comprised of pocket-sized objects. We will leave a piece of ourselves on exhibit. We are the exhibition.

This is an open call to participate in life, to get an honorary MFA, to be the participating artist in an MFA thesis show. Express yourself however you choose in this environment.

We ask that you tell everyone you know to bring a pocket-sized object, and together we will create a mass of objects, a tangible creation to represent the art of engaging in life. The more participants the more representative of all of our emotional and physical desires.

Please, share this event on Twitter/Facebook/your blog or any other place you find helpful to the cause. Expect a reply at the end of the exhibition with photographs of the final project and your own Honorary Master of Fine Art Degree. "

Where and When-
MFA Exhibition
Opening reception: May 6, 6-9 p.m.

Posted by Artist on May. 05, 2010 @ 11:56 am

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