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Streets of San Francisco: Catch the beat (and brass, and buckets, and accordions) of SF's iconic street musicians -- our exclusive interviews

Bucketman pounds on the pavement

Do you have recordings or a Web site? I have some of my stuff at purevolume ( The next step is to play at more places in the area.

What street musicians and other musicians do you admire? Frank Lynn. He's been down here for over 30 years and is kind of a father to all of us street musicians. He's an amazing musician and only plays on two strings. He has such a deep voice and everyone respects him.

What's been your best experience playing? Just watching parents teach their children to appreciate music and give money. It's great to see them learn how to be humble and respectful of the arts. (Brown)


Name: Larry "Bucketman" Hunt

How long have you been playing music? I've playing drums for 49 years. My first kit was a set of buckets when I was three years old.

I'm not from here. I'm from Kansas and I've had the chance to play with some of the greats all across the United States — Jimmy Smith, Pearl Bailey, The Drifters. I played with John Lee Hooker when he opened up the Boom Boom Room. This is what I do.

Where are your favorite places to play? 4th and Market, Powell and Geary (with New Funk Generation).

What don't you like about playing music on the streets or underground? Old Navy, the Flood Building, their security is chasing me off now. I've been out here for fourteen years, was in Pursuit Of Happyness with Will Smith, and now they're trying to get rid of me. They call the cops. The cops don't want to do it, but they have to. (D. Scot Miller)