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Video Issue: YouTube's beauty gurus share makeup secrets with the masses

Video Issue: Lisa Freemont Street demonstrates a Barbara Stanwyck-inspired hairdo

Why she started making videos: "I started in 2006 on a separate channel to show my friend some makeup tips. After that I received some comments and that grabbed my interest. I was shocked that someone else wanted to know what I had to say. At the time I only saw professional makeup artists applying makeup on models, but there weren't any videos with makeup artists applying makeup on themselves or on everyday people. I knew I had to start somewhere and I have always read in magazines on how to get (insert celebrity) look. So I broke down Carmen Electra's look in her Max Factor ad, [showing] it step by step. I have loved it ever since."

Her most rewarding YouTube experience: "I am huge on understanding that your internal beauty is most important and makeup is just an accessory to your look. So it is rewarding to know that I have reached out to so many people and showed them how to be the best version of themselves."

Her favorite beauty product: "My love of/obsession with makeup began with my MAC Parfait Amour eye shadow."

YouTuber: Vintage or Tacky (

What you'll find on her channel: vibrant, colorful eye shadow looks.

Her audience: "I hope that my audience gains some perspective from watching my videos. Yes, I have a beauty channel, but I don't always go on camera looking picture perfect. I showed my hair when I had a botched dye job, I've gone on camera without makeup. I try new hairstyles, hair colors, and makeup. It's not always pretty, but it's honest, it's fun and creative. I hope they learn to have fun with their looks, but not to be ruled by them. My motto is 'Be vintage or tacky, just be yourself!' That and to wear sunscreen."

Her most rewarding YouTube experience: "When people send me messages telling me how much my videos have helped them, with makeup or skincare or self-worth and self-esteem. Knowing that some people just like me and value my opinion and my videos has made me a more confident person."

Her favorite makeup brand: "MAC, because of their quality and price, their palette system, their diversity of items, their pro line, and their recycling program. And, they don't test on animals."

YouTuber: Michele1218 (

What you'll find on her channel: wearable neutral looks demonstrated in easy-to-follow tutorials.

What inspired her to start making videos: "I have always had a passion for makeup and beauty products and for as many friends as I have, none of them ever shared in my passion. When I stumbled across the beauty community on YouTube, I was hooked! I watched videos for about three months, learned so many amazing techniques, learned so much more about makeup, and found new products that I never knew existed. Once I started to feel comfortable with myself and felt confident, I thought 'Hey, this might be fun!'. I knew how inspired I felt just watching some of these girls, and I thought it would be great if I can help inspire other girls as well! The rest was history!"

How YouTube has changed: "With so many companies finding out about all the YT beauty gurus it seems like more and more review videos are becoming paid advertisements. Therefore viewers and subscribers are becoming more and more skeptical of the products people are reviewing. When I make a review video, it seems as though I always have to defend it by saying my own money was spent and I was not sent free products or been paid to review. It's unfortunate because there are a lot of girls including myself that never accept paid reviews and because the 'bigger' gurus do it is assumed that we all do."

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