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Video Issue: Lubricating the Yubehole with Art Attack, video flyers, and the genius clubkid shorts of Tom Rubnitz

Invisible vinegary eyeball glamor: Sister Dimension in Tom Rubnitz's "Pickle Surprise" from 1989

"Pickle Surprise" became an instant Internet hit, with hundreds of tributes posted, and has influenced a new gaggle of filmmakers and scenesters. (I was actually reminded of the short by fresh-faced DJ Pickle Surprise.) The fact that Rubnitz's V-hold overloads — you must watch "Made for TV," an epileptic channel-surf Armageddon that documents a young Ann Magnuson at the height of her freaky powers — didn't quite transfer intact to streaming digital format only adds to their hysterical impact. "I wanted to make things beautiful, funny, and positive — escapes that you could just get into and laugh through. I felt like good could triumph over evil," Rubnitz said at the time. He and his magic misfits now live on forever, pixilated pixies hawking Wonder bread and sandwich spread.

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