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An A-list cast and a B-movie plot converge in Splice

That ain't no hamster

It's also a curious entry considering Natali's earlier efforts, notably 1997's relatively austere exercise in Kubrickian Big Think sci-fi nuance, Cube. The only Kubrick evidenced in Splice comes in the form of Clive's large collection of vinyl hipster toys.

Perhaps this about-face fits somewhere comfortably between Cube and Natali's rumored next project: a remake of Wes Craven's Swamp Thing (1982). Splice in some Craven and pretty soon Natali's DNA will be such a bouillabaisse of sci-fi horror tropes he'll give his Frankenstein-aping heroine Elsa a run for her money.

SPLICE opens Fri/4 in Bay Area theaters.

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