How SF can get $50 million a year from PG&E - Page 2

The state Legislature should mandate that all perpetual utility franchises increase every year by the cost of living index

The company violated its own agreement with the Legislature, promising to support the law authorizing local community choice aggregation systems then turned around and spent nearly $50 million to overturn it.

Leno and Ammiano should pursue a bill as soon as possible to get rid of one of the great scandals in city history, a sweetheart deal in 1939 that has saved PG&E billions and cost the city dearly.


Gosh where do you think PG&E will get the money to pay the higher fees? Your gas and electric bills can follow the rising water rates? What a great idea. Next we'll need a program to subsidize the low income families who are burdened by the higher rates.

Posted by Guest John on Jun. 23, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

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