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Hairy Eyeball: Static and strange solace in "Occupy the Empty" and "3+3"

Emily Prince brings a new twist to the doily in a highlight of the current Haines Gallery group show "3+3."

Or as Curreri phrases it: "I'm asking people to stand in a moment of silence and occupy it and project."


"3+3," a group show of local marquee names at Haines Gallery, contains a lot of eye candy. Shaun O'Dell's delicate ink-on-paper exercises in moiré pattern interference and Leslie Shows' graphic reconfiguration of a brush-painted Chinese landscape scroll via cut-out comics and Benday dot sprays are particularly lovely stations in this curatorial relay: Haines selected O'Dell along with Kota Ezawa and Darren WatersTon, who in turn chose Emily Prince, Taha Belal, and Shows, respectively.

Prince's contribution stands out because the beauty of its craft comments on the nature and history of its craft. In two identical wooden square frames hang what appear to be identical lace doilies, although the one of the right seems more brittle and aged. Closer inspection reveals that the second doily is in fact a to-scale, scanned, and intricately cut-out paper replica of the one on the left, which the wall card indicates was crocheted by the artist's grandmother. Prince's handiwork is no less delicate — or "auratic" for that matter — than that of her grandmother's, and this tribute to "women's work" is no less genuine for containing a facsimile.

If you want to have a conversation about the place of craft within fine art, you're first going to have to navigate through these two skeins.


Through July 10, free

"Last Words" viewing party July 9 , 7–9 p.m.

Ping Pong Gallery

1240 22nd St, SF

(415) 550-7483


Through July 10, free

Haines Gallery

49 Geary, SF

(415) 397-8114

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