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Ariel Pink: the myth, the former solitary man, and the current group leader

"I've never been in the closet, by myself or reclusive like everyone says. That's a myth."

Ariel Pink admits that past live performances were often chaotic and uninspired affairs where "I didn't care about anything and just thought about me. That didn't get me very far." Musicians shuffled in and out of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, adding to the instability. He's cautiously optimistic about the prospects for his current lineup, which features Tim Koh, Kenny Gilmore, Joe Kennedy, and Aaron Sperske. "I don't know how long the current incarnation will be around for — we've only been together two weeks," he says, noting that Kennedy just joined the group. "I'm always trying to get a bunch of guys to stay with me."

After years spent mostly working alone, Pink welcomes the challenge of learning to perform with — and lead — others. "Ultimately it's more fulfilling for me. It's no fun doing it alone! Seriously, it's boring as fuck."


With Magic Kids, Pearl Harbour

Sat/10, 9 p.m., $15

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