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Our 36th annual guide to Bay Area nude beaches


At press time, the NAC, along with BAN and 14 other nudist groups, were preparing, for the first time, to officially petition California to "designate clothing-optional areas" on one or more state beaches. Other efforts have, says Baylis, been "less formal." "Do they really expect us to pack up and leave?" Baylis asks. "We're going to fight back. This is our freedom they're messing with!"

What's the good news? Just like at Muir Beach, it doesn't look like naturists have anything to worry about for now in Northern California. "In the short term, things at Bonny Doon are destined to continue the way they are," says Kirk Lingenfelter, sector superintendent for Bonny Doon. He wants a better trail, stairs, and parking, but says the cash-starved state doesn't have the budget to make even a preliminary plan or increase ranger visits. He said his staff have not issued any citations or warnings at the nude cove, which he calls one of the spots that "really give you the feeling of rugged, untouched majesty. It's a very important feeling. Going to places like Bonny Doon helps you get recharged."

And the Devil's Slide police source, who wants to remain anonymous, told us: "Rangers aren't going to be pursuing enforcement against nudity per se. Nothing's changed." Rangers will continue responding to complaints, he explained, but it usually means they arrive too late to do anything about them because cell phones don't work on the beach. "We hear about it after the fact," says another Devil's Slide enforcer, Supervising State Park Ranger Michael Grant.

Want to contribute to the glad tidings? There's still time for plenty of fun in the sun. You can donate your body to the record books, at least temporarily, by showing up Saturday, July 10 at the Sequoians Clothes Free Club ( in Castro Valley, when its annual attempt at setting a world skinny-dipping record, with 138 other nude locations, will be held. And if you've ever been dying to do a little light cleaning in the nude (no window-washing needed), here's your chance: Your butt can be bare if you stop by Bonny Doon Sept. 18 to help fans pick up cigarette butts and other litter on the beach.

Speaking of good things, would you like to help improve our report? Please send brainstorms, your new beach "finds," improved directions (especially road milepost numbers), and trip reports to or by snail mail to Gary Hanauer, c/o San Francisco Guardian, 135 Mississippi St., San Francisco CA 94107. Please include your phone number so we can verify that you're not just another mirage in the nude beach sand.



Things are really cooking at San Francisco's long, narrow North Baker, which is in good shape this year, with plenty of sand and an influx of young people and more women than five years ago, even though the beach is still heavily male. "If you want to see naked chicks and guys, it's the place to go," says aficionado Paul Jung. Although beach regulars like himself welcome all the new nude volleyball players, "some of them seem to make up rules as they go along," he laughs. Fun activities: Look for dolphins that occasionally surface in the water off shore. And in low tide only, walk around the big rocks at the north end of the beach to check out Baker's "secret" tide pools.


As a long time resident of Muir Beach I am in no way opposed to having nude sunbathers on the beach. As an adult, I am also not opposed to men walking around with hardware dangling from their units. What I am opposed to is lewd conduct on the beach that may offend any of my neighbors and their children.

I have seen just about everything you could imagine, including men jerking off and walking around the beach with hard-ons. This to me is not what I would call sunbathing.

The only thing a sunbather has to remember when coming to Muir Beach, is that, if they are cited for indecent behavior, its very likely that they could be tagged as a sex offender. This is a label that will be difficult to remove. So, you corporate types, yes the Google, Sun Microsystem and BofA worker this won't in anyway enhance your career. Try getting a job at the NSA when you have to explain that you were cited 8 years ago for walking around a beach with a set of rubber bands around your nuts.

Bathers beware!

Posted by Muir Beach Resident on Jul. 09, 2010 @ 2:11 pm

you are right

Posted by sterling belefant on Jul. 27, 2010 @ 11:48 pm

The other day I saw two men nude on Market and 4th. They are often seen walking around the Castro. They were holding some sign to elect someone for something.

I honestly don't know what they are thinking. If it was really just about being nude they wouldn't have been wearing cock rings with their penises semi-erect. Also, if a person is going to be naked.... go to the gym!!!

The bad news is what ever statement they are trying to make is not the one that is coming through.

Posted by Guest Greg on Aug. 11, 2010 @ 10:11 am

It's perfectly natural for people to walk around in the nude all over the world.But westerner's are so blasted uptight and twisted about it. All the gawking by the men on women and men on men.I thought the purpose was to enjoy the water and sun.If you want to have a contest of who has wins whatever award for this category go have a contest on the internet/cable for that.
Stop trying to make these beaches all about your selfish ego driven pleasure center's.
You want all this freedom but will not take any responsibility. The way we treat ourselves,each other and the Planet. It's really time to get real people. sorry. Just telling you how it looks from angle.
I am all for fun. someone has to clean up the house after the party.

peace to all-

harold Z

Posted by Harold z on Aug. 23, 2010 @ 9:09 am

Harold, what are you saying? Nudity is ok with you, but not lewdity?

Posted by johny why on Sep. 18, 2010 @ 7:28 pm

That is not right at all.. Walking naked on Market St? Have a little respect to your self - naked person!!

Posted by Guest on Aug. 23, 2010 @ 9:56 pm

the naked body is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world (ok, maybe not all bodies). be proud, naturists, be proud! share your bare with the malls of humanity and the halls of justice!

don't let Christian shame besmirch your good name.

but i agree that lewdity should be discreet. i don't want to see other people's sexual activities in public. that is disrespectful.

Posted by johny why on Sep. 18, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

Why be opposed of a man's hard on. Some men like myself have a big dick. My dick looks like I am hard and sometimes I am.That may be lewd to some but impressive to others. If a hard on is caught by someone being stroked then that is one thing but if my dick is just hard and I am mining my business then that is another. That is no difference than some women with big butts and some with their butt hole exposed because their tiny butts. who can judge why some people body is different.

Posted by Guest Farris on Mar. 04, 2011 @ 10:44 am

very naked issues.. !!!!

Posted by jigar on Apr. 25, 2011 @ 1:55 am

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