Transit troubles - Page 3

Fixing Muni is going about as smoothly as boarding a crowded bus with a bundle of groceries

Muni buses and trains have been particularly crowded since service reductions were implemented this spring

Members of the Budget and Finance Committee resisted the mayor's demand and forwarded a budget to the full board that included their high-priority restorations. The proposed ballot measures will be considered by the board this month.

"If you ask me, I would say we should have commission reform across the board," Mirkarimi told the Guardian. "The idea of having [equally balanced appointments] is a smart way for us to share the responsibility and the consequences."

MTA's fiscal problems aren't unique to San Francisco. On July 1, Caltrain announced a menu of undesirable options to deal with big financial troubles facing the commuter railroad. Elimination of weekend service and certain weekday train stops, or a 25-cent increase to base fares or zone fares, will be the subject of public hearings this summer.

Noting that all the different sources that fund Caltrain have been slashed, spokesperson Christine Dunn told us, "It's frustrating to not be able to provide the service you want to provide."