Truce talks - Page 3

Police, party promoters, and politicians seek a detente in the War on Fun

Officer Larry Bertrand's aggressive tactics in cracking down on nightclubs and parties fueled a strong community backlash

Club owners and party promoters don't want to be blamed for street violence over which they have no control, and they have some political support for that stance. "Clubs don't create youth gun violence, society creates youth gun violence," Sup. Bevan Dufty proclaimed to the crowd at the Nightlife Safety Summit, drawing thunderous applause from the room.

"There is a street scene and a club scene, and they do intersect. But a lot of the violence occurs in the street scene," Carson said. "A lot of shootings that happen relate to people never inside the clubs. That's a conversation CMAC looks forward to having — to have a little more accurate discussion."

While he asserts that some nightclubs attract violence to the city from out of town, Crenshaw said he was pleased and surprised at the level of collaboration emerging between entertainment representatives and SFPD. "I got so much positive feedback from it [the Nightlife Safety Summit]. It was a bit overwhelming," he told us. "I think the industry itself is tired of being labeled as a pariah. They want to change their image."

Brit Hahn, owner of City Nights and SFClubs, agreed that working with district captains was in the best interest of any club looking to remain profitable. "When something bad happens at a nightclub anywhere in San Francisco, he said at the Nightlife Safety Summit, "it's bad for all of our businesses."

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