She's a briiide

Run for your life -- it's bachelorette season. Plus: DJ DRM, Hot Wax, Some Thing Else, Raiz

Always a bridesmaid: VivvyAnne Forevermore, hostess of Some Thing, promises Some Thing Else

SUPER EGO A couple of Friday evenings ago, Hunky Beau and I went out on a bourgeois love date in SoMa. It was there that I was reminded that, along with loquats, plums, figs, and fat guys on the Internet pretending they're in armed militias, we are in the midst of bachelorette season. Children, be warned!

To kickstart our romantic rendezvous, Hunky had called me from Mr. Smith's, a bar that still exists, where he'd gathered with coworkers for clock-out cocktails. Alas, I couldn't hear him over all the squealing. "Always a bridesmaid. Always." he texted. "Run for your wife!!1!" I pecked back. We sheltered ourselves in the tidy environs of Terroir ( on Folsom Street, a chill unmarked wine bar that reminds me of Seattle's Living Room, with a nifty furnished mezzanine and vinyl Shins and Cure on the phonograph. Settling in with a few glasses from the smart and sassy list and some fatty-licious French food cart grub from Spencer On the Go across the street, we commenced our rendezvousing. Until a look of terror clouded the cute Terroir co-owner's face and the screaming started streaming in. No exit! Bachelorette attack! It was Sex and the City 3-D: less menopause, more claws.

Hastily, the besieged Terroirier apologized, saying "We're not usually this back country." I would've gone off, but mocking roving bachelorette parties (or BPs, 'cause that shit's toxic and endless) is like shooting Kardashians in a barrel. Viva stereotypical drunk heterosexuals, all is full of love. So I just plugged my good ear with a Bordeaux cork and marveled at my favorite BPers: the sheepish bridesmaid of color, the childhood friend who can't stop making toasts to hide her unfathomable bitterness, the warring former college roommates, the pushy "leader," and — bestest— the puggy one with bad bangs and a lemon face who wanders around picking fights with random strangers, slurring, "Leave 'er alone ... sh-sh-she's a briiide." Snooki lives. And I want a girls night out with 10 of her.

Treasure Island preview: Get your Long John Silvers out — the lineup's been announced for this year's festival on Oct. 16 and 17, and it's pretty rad. "Electronic music" highlights? Four Tet, Holy Fuck, our own Wallpaper party boys, LCD Soundsystem, and (zef yes!) Die Antwoord. Kruder and Dorfmeister will be drifting us back to the early '00s. I am typing the name Deadmau5. Full lineup and tickets at



An all-vinyl night always guarantees my nightlife blessing — and this regular one at 222 is too-too-too nice to pass up. This month's installment is themed "Ladies of the '80s," with an all-female DJ crew that includes Sweaterfunk's DJ Mamabear, Shred One, Chungtech, and Sabrina spinning you delightful, deep-crated retro R&B and soul shakers of the XX-generated variety.

Thu/15, 9 p.m., $5. 222 Hyde, SF.



I'm loving the jazzy beats revival raining down this summer, spawned by the choppy R&B re-edits scene, dubstep's more melodic turn, a Latin funk infusion, and a general interest in sparkling, danceable vibes. Killer weekly Loose Joints is bringing in Brooklyn sizzler DRM of Bastard Jazz Recordings to get swingy. Loose Joints regulars Tom Thump, Centipede, and Damon Bell warm it up.

Fri/16, 10 p.m., $5. Make-Out Room, 3225 22nd St., SF.


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