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Board certifies Lennar's EIR, but a battle still looms over amendments to the massive redevelopment project


"But while that amendment allowed one board member to showboat, it prevented the problem from being solved."

Bloom is concerned that under the financing deal, the project won't make any money for at least 15 years and will be vulnerable to penalties and bumps in the market — an equation that could lead the developer to build only market rate housing at the site.

"It's a problematic analysis at best," he said.

"The bigger the development, the more it benefits people who have the capacity to address it — and that's not the community," Bloom said. "So there'll be more discussion of the bridge, and that's where the horse-trading is going to be."

He also said the bridge has now taken on a symbolic value. "The thing about the bridge is that it's not actually about the bridge any more," Bloom added. "It's about Lennar telling people, 'You will support us.' If they get the bridge, it will give them free rein, an unencumbered capacity to do as they see fit. They are willing to make deals, but they have to have the bridge because it defeats the people who have been the most credible and visible — and then they have no opposition."