BEST OF THE BAY 2010 - Page 2

A Celebration of Local Heroes: Our 36th annual guide to the people, places, and things that make the Bay great

Vernon Davis is one of our 2010 Local Heroes


Michael Keeney and Jasmine Law met at the Brooks Institute of Photography. It didn't take long for them to realize that their approaches complemented one another. Together they are Keeney + Law, a team that successfully balances being both professional and life partners. In photography, their shared vision is based around the idea of a vignette, where every photo is a short story with an emphasis on good light. Always striving to connect with their subjects, Keeney + Law's collaborative process was a perfect fit for this year's Local Heroes portrait project.


The Guardian's Local Heroes portraits were shot at Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco (with the exception of Vernon Davis, who was shot on location by Peter Bohler). We used Blue Sky's state-of-the-art Light Grid, which is the first fully robotic lighting mechanism of its kind.