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Todd Solondz provokes (again) with Life During Wartime

Sisters Joy (Shirley Henderson) and Helen (Ally Sheedy) are part of Life During Wartime's unhappy family

TS Yes, but you have to be careful. I have no sympathy for [Hinds' character] Bill Maplewood or someone who could commit those crimes, but he is tragic since he also loved his son. People want to embrace humanity or love mankind, but those are abstractions so they don't really mean anything. Rather, to what extent can you allow someone like Bill Maplewood into that embrace of humanity? To me pedophilia has no inherent interest. It's how it serves as a metaphor for that which is most demonized, ostracized, and feared that interests me. I think in this country more people would rather have dinner with Osama bin Laden than with Bill Maplewood.

SFBG Can you divulge anything about the film you're working on now?

TS The title is Dark Horse, and all I can say is that there is no child molestation, rape, or masturbation in it, so I know what's left. But we'll see how marketable it is.

LIFE DURING WARTIME opens Fri/6 in Bay Area theaters.

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