Democrats divided - Page 3

DCCC endorses progressive supervisorial candidates and rejects Newsom ballot measures

Rafael Mandelman and Debra Walker got the DCCC's first place endorsements in their Board of Supervisors races

On the fall ballot measures, the DCCC voted to recommend a no vote on Public Defender Jeff Adachi's measure to make city employees pay more for the pension and healthcare costs (Prop. B), Sup. Sean Elsbernd's Health Service Board Elections (Prop. F,) and Newsom's three controversial measures. And they voted "no endorsement" on Elsbernd's measure to remove from the charter Muni pay guarantees (Prop. G). 

But the DCCC did vote to endorse a local vehicle registration fee surcharge (Prop. AA), Newsom's earthquake retrofit bond (Prop. A), Sup. Chris Daly's proposed legislation to require mayoral appearances at board meetings (Prop. C), Chiu's measure to allow noncitizen voting in school board elections (Prop. D), Sup. Ross Mirkarimi's Election Day voter registration (Prop. E), former Newsom campaign manager Alex Tourk's Saturday voting proposal (Prop. I) Labor's hotel tax (Prop. J ), Mirkarimi's foot patrols measure (Prop. M) and Avalos' real estate transfer tax (Prop. N).

With just about everybody opposed to Adachi's measure going after public employee unions, Walker observed that Adachi probably wishes he had done it differently now. But looking into the future, Walker sees opportunities for the party to come back together.

"There's an opportunity to start a dialogue because everyone is hurting," Walker said. "The more we don't have a proactive solution, the more we get caught at the bottom."

And in a feel-good vote for the frequently divided body, the DCCC also voted overwhelmingly to endorse the statewide initiative to legalize and tax marijuana (Prop. 19). Normally local party committees don't take a position on state initiatives, but because the California Democratic Party took no position on Prop. 19, the DCCC had permission to weigh in.

As Peskin put it before the enthusiastic marijuana vote, "Raise your hands — high."