Pie or die - Page 2

Personal and the Pizzas deliver to the Total Trash Fest

Nothin' crusty about it

P Lay off the artichokes, man. Spinach can get lost, too. C'mon! Gimme somethin' REGULAR!

SFBG What do you have to do to become a member of the Pizza Army?

P Gimme 5 bucks and you're in!

SFBG When Personal and the Pizzas hit the Motor City, what are you going to do?

P Gonna burn it down! Gonna tear that mother apart! Gonna kick its ass!

SFBG What would Joey Ramone and Iggy Stooge think of Personal and the Pizzas?

P Not sure what those turkeys would think.

SFBG What's next for Personal and the Pizzas? Any new musical directions or song subjects that you haven't tackled before?

P We gotta new single comin' out on Trouble In Mind in September. Got one ballad on there called "I Want You." Gotta rocker on there, too, called "Don't Trust No Party Boy." Gonna stick to writin' about real stuff. Girls. Pizza. Beatin' up nerds. Rock 'n' roll. Stuff that matters, ya know? *


With Gentleman Jesse and His Men, Barreracudas, Wrong Words, Beercaz

Fri/20, 9 p.m., $10 ($33 for four-day Total Trash Fest passes)

Thee Parkside

1600 17th St., SF

(415) 252-1330


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