Nobunny unmasked! - Page 3

Hometown hero's new album First Blood brings a glimpse at the man behind the mange

Nobunny: "We all wear masks, some are just easier to spot than others."

A mythical creature from garage rock's underbelly, Nobunny has earned his success, even securing a gig at the Playboy Mansion in L.A. as part of his 10-year anniversary celebration next Easter. But he's no stranger to the addictions he sings about on First Blood final track. "My sister had been buggin' me a bit to come visit her in Arizona, and I finally decided to take her up on it before I killed myself," he says, still discussing "I Was On (The Bozo Show)"'s origins. "I drove across the country shooting dope the whole way to the desert west of Tucson. She didn't even know I was using. She nursed me back to health out there all alone in the desert. Our only neighbor was an 80-something yogi from India who was out there on a 30-day silent meditative prayer."

If that sounds like material for a boulevard of broken dreams tell-all, in all seriousness, Nobunny has come out of the experience stronger, poised for new adventures, but most of all, grateful. "I am thankful to have enough fans to make touring worthwhile," he said. "While I'd still be writing and recording and performing with no one looking, it's really nice to see people at our shows dancing and singing along and smiling."

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