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THE SEX ISSUE: Our favorite sleazy, easy, and just plain sexy people, places, and things in San Francisco

() model jessie Cox takes her knocks at Kink's HQ in the Mission Armory


Dan and JD, a.k.a. Two Knotty Boys, are no strangers to the twists and loops of BDSM performance. Native San Franciscans both, they not only create mesmerizing stage shows in which they bind nubile flesh to their will, but also produce end results so visionary that you'd be excused for leaving off the "fetish" and dubbing it merely "fashion." A ever-so-tightly cinched halter top of gleaming white cord, a barely there cobweb bikini that requires an expert hand to remove, overlays of skirts and dresses that hobble the wearer seductively and at the same time, show off the contours of the female body. It's neat, it's adjustable, it's sexily professional work. It's easy to see why the duo has filmed more than 100 video tutorials and taught countless workshops in the Bay and beyond for their eager fans: the Boys have tied up hundreds of women but, unlike some humiliation artists, they have never tied down their subjects' beauty and comfort.



Was it written on the rock hard abs of some San Franciscan sex god that all coital gatherings in this city have to be stark and stoic? Thankfully, the colorful gang over at Kinky Salon never got that memo. Creators Polly and Scott have created a swinger's playland party in the pink and purple rooms of Mission Control whose focus is flair: playful costume themes have focused on everything from kitty cats (the upcoming Pussyfest) to undersea adventure and fairy tale characters. You've never lived, it would seem, until your Snow White costume has been peeled off on the couch in the Harem Room by Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. More recently, the team has created a new magazine to celebrate the vast array of sexualities that their partygoers lay claim to: San Fran Sexy. The rag includes erotic history lessons from sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, memoir pieces from Bawdy Storytelling's Dixie De La Tour, photos from recent Kinky Salon soirees, and news of sensual events to come.



"If the Meat Sluts were a Pink Lady, we'd be Rizzo! We ain't no prudes like Sandy!" says BB Rumproast of rockin' band the Meat Sluts ( In a world of vegan dogs, her XXX-chromosomed trash rock-punk explosion is an all-beef foot long. The four women are cookin' on stage — literally. In addition to the occasional back up steak dancing alongside their guitar licks and growls, the Meat Sluts have shared space at shows with a live hot dog-maker and a meat grinder flinging sausage and baloney onto hungry fans. It's messy, carnivorous fun — the perfect expression of the group's embrace of hedonistic appetite that could care less about what's considered "ladylike" at the table of the musical establishment. "We are loose and crazy and not ashamed of it! We love man meat! We love weenies! Beef baloney, Slim Jims, T-bones, bring it ON!" says Rumproast. To quote the Sluts' rager rally cry "Johnny Con Carne," that's what we call makin' bacon.

The Meat Sluts play Dodgyfest 3, Oct 2, 7 p.m., $10. Thee Parkside, 1600 17th St., SF.


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