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THE SEX ISSUE: Our favorite sleazy, easy, and just plain sexy people, places, and things in San Francisco

() model jessie Cox takes her knocks at Kink's HQ in the Mission Armory


Fleur De Lis SF has a bone to pick with the way hot and horny females are portrayed. "Women are just as sexual as men and they should own it," the blogger tells us. Need proof? Check out the blog she started this summer — just make sure your hands are free and you've got a little privacy while you do so. Her posts are missives from a professional woman's enthusiastic exploration of sensual subcultures in "one of the sexiest cities in the world." Though her identity is clad in secrecy, Fleur De Lis SF's escapades with Craig's List Casual Encounters, BDSM clubs, and randy run-ins at the grocery store will leave you slicker than a Slip 'N Slide in 90 percent humidity. Erotic inspiration notwithstanding, what we love about this new It slut is her candor and assertiveness. "Mainly, I want to educate people to embrace sex and sexuality," she says. "I want people to accept who they are, and who are we are sexually is a huge part of who we are as people."



For the past few years, hunky leatherman cruisers have been blessed with the return of a SoMa bar crawl, which, while hardly rivaling the infamous Miracle Mile of the 1970s and '80s, at least offers hide-lusting bar-hoppers an array of options. Truck, Hole in the Wall, Powerhouse, the Eagle, Lone Star — all make for a daisy chain of fellow cock-seekers. But the piece de resistance is surely Chaps II, which gives itself wholly over to man-action bliss. The original Chaps, owned by Chuck Slaton and Ron Morrison, was notorious for its Crisco-minded shenanigans, and Chaps II, opened in 2008 by David Morgan, continues the proudly perverse tradition, with parties devoted to rope play, piss play, fisting, and sports gear aficionados, as well as regular nights simply dedicated to the Holy Grail of slutty manhood: cheap ass. (For those unfamiliar — cheap ass tastes like chicken parmesan.) Kudos to you, Chaps II, for keeping the BDSM spirit alive — and serving a healthy round of Jäger shots to boot.

1225 Folsom, SF. (415) 255-2427,



Drilldo, Intruder MK II, the Satisfyher, Scorpion, the Little Guy, Annihilator, the Octapussy — these are some of the friendly, dripping sex robots you'll meet at, part of the kingdom. The machines put a bevy of heaving beauties through the motions with their dildo-studded fingers and pulsating hacksaw thrusts. Designed by lucky site users, who submit their moving-parts fantasies, and the fiendishly clever sex-elves at the Fucking Machines workshop (with many of the machines fabricated on site at Kink's HQ in the Mission Armory), these fascinating thingamabobs range from devilishly dirty to actually kind of cute. There's even one modeled on Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, albeit renamed Fuckzilla and outfitted with a huge silicone phallus. The whole shebang is overseen by the enthusiastic Tomcat, who drives the point home that, yes, a chainsaw outfitted with 20 fake tongues "challenges the whole idea that women need someone to buy them dinner to get pleasure." Fucking machines themselves have been around since the 1960s, he notes, "but when we started in 2001, we wanted to capitalize on the tech wave, while approaching the machine construction like sculpture." Good thing the Fucking Machine bubble didn't burst.


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