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'Tis the season to wet yourself laughing

Coco Peru brings the belly laughs at Out Loud fest's "Drag Queens of Comedy"

B350 Fort Mason Center, SF

(415) 474-6776



It's a tricky line, but one Kristen Schaal walks well: that fissure between cute and psycho. She's gone and perfected the odd balance on TV's "Flight of the Conchords" as Mel, the persistent stalker of the eponymous New Zealand folk-humor duo. But standup comedy is where she got her start and laid the groundwork for her nerdy suave. Her sets vary between dark and light — she wants to tell you about her dream! Her sex dream. Featuring Winston Churchill. (The sex wasn't great.)

Thurs/7–Sun/10 8 p.m., $17.50–$20.50

Cobb's Comedy Club

915 Columbus, SF

(415) 928-4320



It may not be the first comedy mélange devoted to our hilarious homos — Assemblymember Tom Ammiano's Valencia Rose Cabaret flounced off with that title in the 1980s — but the four-day Out Loud fest may be the brightest and most focused yet. Shall we lead with the high-wattage names? Castro Theatre will be packed for "An Evening with Sandra Bernhard," whose Nancy Bartlett on Roseanne was the first recurring lesbian character on American TV. Film snark Frank Decaro from The Daily Show will also be out and about, sassing up a corner of The Lookout interviewing his fellow festivators and performing with a swath of TV feys at the Swedish-American Music Hall for an evening called "Rooftops and Bottoms." But you don't gotta be on TV to kick it. Local drag cutup Sasha Soprano has rousted six of the finest becoiffed and becoming spotlight stars for Saturday's "The Drag Queens of Comedy" at the Castro Theater. How exactly will their shtick be different from the rest of the shows on our fall highlights list? We asked one of the night's main acts, Miss Coco Peru, a classy redhead who has kept New York City audiences enthralled since the early 1990s with monologues that switch between the weighty and the witty. "Well, it takes us all a lot longer to get ready," she said. Oh, and you don't heckle a drag queen — unless you think a stiletto to the sacrum will straighten out your kinks down there.

Oct. 7–10

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