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African-American Shakespeare Company meets the future with a re-visioned classic

AASC's new artistic director L. Peter Callender is King Agamemnon to Traci Tolmaire's Iphigenia in "IPH..."

The playwright also balances all with a strain of mischievous humor, centered in a chorus of four catty, flirty women (Natalia Duong, Lisa Tarrer Lacy, Marilet Martinez, Sarita Ocon) who sing their narration to familiar melodies from the "classics" of American pop music — for instance, discoursing ravenously on the manly attributes of Achilles (Luke Taylor) to the tune of Peggy Lee's "Fever." The gambit has a generally crowd-pleasing effect, though as presented here it goes on a bit long, diluting the central emotional content of the play.

IPH ...

Through Oct. 16; $15–$35

Brava Theater Center

2781 York, SF

(415) 647-2822