Big Oil's false choice - Page 4

The coalition to defeat Prop. 23 argues that addressing global warming creates jobs and saves the environment

Fossil fuels or a cleaner energy mix? That's the Prop. 23 question

Donnie Fowler, a political consultant who has worked for Al Gore and other top Democrats, is a senior adviser to the Clean Economy Network and a leader in the effort to defeat Prop. 23. Oil companies "went to Washington and spent hundreds of millions" lobbying against climate change regulations, Fowler pointed out. "Now they've opened up a second front. If California goes backward, all of those senators and Congressional representatives will say, 'No way ... I'm surely not taking a political risk. If they went backward, there's no reason we should go forward.'"

Fowler said that for environmentalists, voting No on 23 could be seen as an affirmation of statewide efforts to address climate change in a meaningful way. "This is a real opportunity," he said, "for Californians to stand up and say we've had enough. We are going to take a stand — right now."