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Despite a lone ending misstep, Alonzo King's Scheherazade brings a new (and ancient) vision to a story with old ballet roots

Composer/percussionist Zakir Hussain incorporated elements of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade into a rich mellifluous score of world and electronic music—performed live — that immeasurably contributed to King's choreography. As did the opulent but ever so restrained designs for set and costumes by Robert Rosenwasser and the fabulous Colleen Quen. By following Diaghilev's dictum that music, design, and dance need to support each other for a unified theatrical experience, King paid the master impresario his most appropriate tribute.

Unfortunately, Scheherazade ended on a flat note. A free-for-all involving the company and assorted additional dancers flooded the stage with, judging from the music, what was supposed to be an atomistic hymn to joy. A great ensemble choreographer King is not.


Thurs/21–Sun/24, $25–$75

Novellus Theatre

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

700 Howard, SF

(415) 978-2787

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