FEAST: 5 sardinerias - Page 3

The salty swimmers finally get their due in SF's eateries

Ragazza's baked sardine with garlic aoli -- and viola, you are sardine-squeamish no more


When you don't want others dictating what you can and can't have on your sardines, duck into Ferry Plaza Seafood. This celebrated purveyor of all things aquatic sells wild, locally caught sardines (and by this we mean our our SF as well as Monterey bay) when available. "We love sardines," said one salty staffer. "Especially the local ones. They just glisten." They recommend bringing out the glisten by brushing with olive oil, salt, and pepper; grilling a few minutes on each side; and dressing with lemon. Call first for availability, these guys swim in and out of supply.

One Ferry Building, #11B, SF. (415) 274-2561. www.ferryplazaseafood.com 


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