GOLDIES 2010: Ramón Ramos Alayo - Page 2

Using song, music, visuals, and narration to create theatrically potent works that include Afro-Cuban, modern, folkloric, and popular dance styles




This is a wonderful award and congratulations to Ramon and his Alayo Dance company for winning it. They are hard workers and this is deserved.
But I have to comment on the claim that Sr. Alayo is a "A scholar of Yoruba spirituality" ?? Since when? That's a load of mierda. Ramon is a talented and hard-working modern dancer but he has no expertise in Yoruba spiritual culture or music. What is happening to responsible journalism? Praise him for the talents he has -modern dance but don't try and plump it out with false claims such as "scholar" or that he at all understand the music from a directorial perspective to make this a more colorful article. I am not picking on this individual and wish him much more success in the future but, in places, reading this is the artistic equivalent of the political propaganda I've been receiving on my doorstep every day.

Posted by Maritza on Nov. 04, 2010 @ 8:35 am

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