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Marc Maron takes comedy from podcast to the stage, and faces the music

"Part of the tradition of stand-up comedy is challenging people and making them feel uncomfortable.""

SFBG You've talked before about your love for music and playing guitar, and you've recently started to perform live a bit. What do you find different about performing music on stage compared to comedy?

MM In terms of baring your soul, I think music is the ultimate form for that. It's amazing how much you can lose yourself playing music. As for stand-up, I would say it's definitely a more vulnerable and high-risk art form in that people might not laugh and it's just you up there. You don't have your bandmates to fall back on.

SFBG Do you find that it becomes more difficult to stay angry the older you get?

MM Sure. I've recently started to come to a place where I've learned to accept a lot of things for how they are. I haven't been doing very much topical or political comedy over the past few years, which is something I used to do a lot of. To do that type of comedy, you really need to be up to date. I used to read everything and get pissed off, and at some point I think I got a little disillusioned with it all. So I don't do that very often these days. But don't worry, 'cause I'm just waiting for the shit to hit the fan. And it definitely will.


With Ryan Singer and Janine Brito

Thu/11, Fri/12 and Sat/13

Punch Line Comedy Club

444 Battery, SF

(415) 397-PLSF

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