Prison for killer cop - Page 4

Disappointed by the lenient sentence, Grant supporters vow to continue fighting for justice

Activists march down 14th Street in Oakland protesting a lenient sentence for former BART cop Johannes Mehserle
Ramsey El-Qare

The mural displayed a prominent image of Grant holding his daughter, Tatiana, who was four years old when Grant was killed. The pair are flanked by the names and figures of more than 20 people killed by police.

"We asked the youth inside what they wanted to see," Miguel Perez, an artist with the Trust Your Struggle Collective, told the Guardian as he looked over the mural. "They said they wanted to see the names of people killed by police nationwide, not just in the Bay Area. The list is so huge, it's hard to pick out specific names."

Perez said Trust Your Struggle is a group of artists and educators with social-justice backgrounds who create art as activism. "Being a person of color, I've had racist stuff said to me by the police," Perez said. "It seems like it's slowly been changing for the past hundreds of years, but it's still not enough — enough being fairness." *

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