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As Clean Power SF gets underway, public officials and renewal energy advocates brace for PG&E "thuggery"


Even if the state regulatory body doesn't hold PG&E's feet to the fire, Mirkarimi won't hold back. "We're tired of the thuggery. We're tired of the bullying," he said. He alluded to the Raker Act, a 1913 act of Congress that allowed San Francisco to build the O'Shaughnessy Dam and draw water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir under the condition that no private profit was derived from the development, saying the arrangement had been subverted by PG&E. "We should be able to chart our own energy destiny," Mirkarimi said.


Messrs. Leno and Ammiano, other legislators, need to get together and "cooperate" in getting some amendments to the original AB 117, authored by Carole Migden. The requirement that P,G&E "cooperate" with CCA programs seeking to be established by cities and counties, is vague and needs to be clearer, more explicit, including prohibitions on what P,G&E cannot do as well. At the time the legislation was drafted, no one realized the extent of bad faith and chicanery that P,G&E would go to try and undermine CCA efforts; now that it is apparent, including spending tens of millions of dollars of ratepayer monies to defeat CCA, it's time for our elected representatives to revisit AB117 and force P,G&E to truly cooperate or else. P,G&E will just keeping doing the same old thing unless the legislation is made significantly tougher on them."Cooperate" really has to mean just that!

Posted by Guest Tony Gantner on Nov. 17, 2010 @ 4:52 pm