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Peace on Earth -- but World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, too


It's been a long time since Disney's iconic character was featured in his own video game, so Junction Point Studio's Epic Mickey is sure to be met with high expectations. Helmed, bizarrely, by legendary designer Warren Spector, who is better known for gritty cyberpunk classics System Shock and Deus Ex, the game promises a slightly more adult — even gothic — take on Disney's least-adult character.

Gameplay will center around a painting mechanic. Using his trusty brush, Mickey will be able to transform his environment, daubing in bridges over otherwise impassable chasms. The judicious application of paint thinner will erase dastardly enemies. Look for Epic Mickey Nov. 30.



If you were to measure the impact of this year's holiday releases using total hours invested as your metric, there's no doubt that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm would come out on top. As the third expansion to Blizzard's megalithic franchise, the game can count on a built-in player-base of some 12 million subscribers, each about as likely to buy Cataclysm as a heroin addict is to buy more smack.

The attractions this time around include two brand-new races — players will now be able to battle their way around Azeroth as Goblins or Worgen (read: werewolves). The expected litany of new dungeons, new loot, and new gameplay tweaks is also provided. The Cataclysm begins Dec. 7. And if you don't know what to get that tween WoWer in your life at the last minute? But her some game time at

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