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Multibillionaire Larry Ellison captured the 33rd America's Cup -- but what's in it for SF if he brings the next race back home?

We'd like to know a lot more about what Ellison's development plans are. We'd like to know who, exactly, will be running his new corporation that will get development rights for a couple of nice waterfront parcels.

But before the supervisors sign off on any deal, they need to set a bottom line: this can't cost the city any net revenue. The San Francisco city treasury and local taxpayers shouldn't be subsidizing an event created by and for the very wealthy.



How do you propose to fix the piers slowly crumbling into the Bay? Got a better pla?

If so then please propose a better solution, while trying to write something intelligent.

Posted by Guest on Nov. 30, 2010 @ 8:15 pm

How about letting the piers rot and having a warm waterfront for people to enjoy, putting the "Beach" back in "South Beach?"

Oh, yeah, nobody would get stinking rich off of that, but hundreds of thousands would benefit, so government is not about to let that happen.


Posted by marcos on Dec. 02, 2010 @ 5:41 pm

the expectation of the AACC is based un the last event. 11 teams ! here the possibility of more than 4 is utopy. This means a challenger series of 2 weeks with 3teams?
It is not the long term event of last time with 10 challengers.
few teams will be there for one year not 4 as last time. so it is not comparable with the event before. the big lie of the cup!!

Posted by Guest jens on Dec. 01, 2010 @ 10:59 pm

I don't go to SF anymore. No happy meal toys. Just the latest in your nanny city laws. Next you won't be able to buy a dog?
SF has a horrible image around the world.
America's Cup would give a chance to show the world what you have. Then people like me might return.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 02, 2010 @ 6:30 am

and if it does... you can 1. stop hollering at my home town via its airport code, and 2. retract your tentacles back to the happy meal land you came from cuz neither sf nor the city of roses needs more forces of homogenization-corporation in them. there's cool stuff going on besides mega event culture and fake meat, guesty. and for the love of pete, get your dog from a shelter.

Posted by caitlin on Dec. 02, 2010 @ 7:38 pm

Give Ellison the entire waterfront. Maybe then he can stop it from rotting into the bay. "Progressives" have stalled renewal of the waterfront for years, threatening endless lawsuits to "save" the waterfront. From what?

The waterfront is a disaster. There was a great proposal to develop a recreation complex on the piers but that, of course, was torpedoed.

Until SF voters rid themselves of "progressive" obstructionists, the decay will continue.

Posted by Scott on Dec. 02, 2010 @ 11:42 am

I always love talking to my wife about these things. She's pretty liberal, but not involved in the minutiae of local politics, so she always has an outside-the-box way of thinking about political issues. When I read her this column, she asked a very interesting question:
"If Larry Ellison is wants to bring this yacht race to San Francisco because he likes yacht racing, then why is the city paying him to do it?"

Um... yeah. Great question. This is basically Larry Ellison's hobby. It's something that he wants to do anyway, because it's fun for him. Why should the city pay for a rich guy's hobby?

But see, that's the difference between the way progressives think, and the way conservative tools of the business elite think.

If I were mayor, and Larry Ellison came to me and said, "I want to bring the America's Cup to San Francisco," I would say, "Great! How much are you willing to pay us to cover our city's costs in police overtime, traffic, litter and cleanup?"

On the other hand, when he came to Mayor Newsom and said "I want to bring the America's Cup to San Francisco," Mayor Newsom said, "Great! How much do you want from the city treasury to help you do it?"

My wife said that Newsom probably added "and how much will you pay me?" But of course it's not that simple. We're no banana republic. Here in America, corruption has been elevated to an art form. No money is exchanged up front, but Newsom knows that as he climbs higher and seeks more power, he will now have another wealthy backer. Help Big Biz, and in return they help you accumulate power through campaign contributions when you run for higher office. And if you lose, there's a nice plush job making millions for coming to a few meetings a year, sitting on some corporate board somewhere, in return for your service.

When someone like Ed Jew does it wrong, they go to jail. That's small stuff, and soooo old school. But do it the Newsom way, play the corporate corruption game by the rules, and you're rewarded with a lifetime of wealth and power and respect.

That's the way the game is played in America... all for the rich and screw the rest of us. Anything good and low-cost that brings joy for hundreds of thousands of people, like B2B, Halloween in the Castro, and Love Parade -they kill it. But some rich guy wants the city to indulge him in his hobby -sure! No Problem!

Posted by Greg on Dec. 02, 2010 @ 12:50 pm

It should be called Rich Americans Cup... let them pay for it and leave the poor people of San Francisco alone. Token donations to the poor won't change the karma of those robbing our city for their own gain.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 05, 2010 @ 8:24 am

For a minute there I thought it was an article about Santa Clara and the Niners. Why is it that billionaires who have a staff of millionaires need so much help from government to play their games?

Posted by Guest on Dec. 08, 2010 @ 4:22 pm

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