Appetite: Delicious giving

For the foodie and drink hounds on your list, here are a few recent book releases to delight and enlighten

Jason Wilson's 'Boozehound' -- perfect for everyone over 21 not in recovery.

FOR THE WINO Secrets of the Sommeliers by Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay -- Secrets of the Sommeliers, a new book from local SF treasures (sommelier extraordinaire Rajat Parr and drink writer Jordan Mackay is the best wine book to come across my desk in awhile. Stories from a range of the world's best somms and winemakers stand alongside insights on tasting, purchasing, storing, pairing, ordering and serving wine. Sections "Thinking Like A Sommelier" and "The Wine List" deliver a true insider's perspective and expertise. This intelligent, understated book is a must for any wine lover, budding or educated.

FOR THE TIKI FANATIC Beachbum Berry Remixed by Jeff Berry -- Whether a retro tiki fanatic or one who prefers drinks reminiscent of an island getaway, this book from modern-day master of tropical cocktails, Jeff Berry (aka Beachbum Berry), satiates. Colorful vintage photos and graphics illumine mid-century history and tiki culture. I've tried out a number of the recipes on friends, some from top bartenders, many classic, never-before-published or “lost” exotic drink recipes. I have not run across one yet that is less than crowd-pleasing. Remixed combines Berry's first two books, Grog Log and Intoxica!, adding 107 recipes for one comprehensive collection.

FOR THE CONSCIENTIOUS COOK Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights: Recipes for Every Season, Mood, and Appetite by Sophie Dahl -- A cookbook by a famous model is among the last places I'd look to as a cooking inspiration (I'm skeptical enough of ultra-skinny cooks like Giada). But Dahl is no typical model, having written three books and as a self-professed, avid eater. She's the daughter of brilliant writer Roald Dahl and actress Patricia Neal. Her oft-discussed weight, modeling at real world sizes (like 10), convinces me she understands "voluptuous". Her recipes may not be the most challenging on the shelf, rather they are approachable as the book's layout is charming. Dahl she does not eat red meat: there's plenty here for a vegetarian. Whether you're making brown rice risotto with pumpkin or something as simple as flapjacks, Dahl's personable approach draws you in while her seasonal recipes comfort.

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