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Wouldn't you like to share a puce moment with Puce Moment?

Musician and director Gary Gregerson of Puce Moment steps behind the camera to capture his band's beauty

Lyrically, some subject matter is off-limits for Gregerson. "I really try not to write about love, and definitely not about wieners," he says. "That's why I like it that Puce Moment is starting to get into '60s baroque pop, because it's all about the path of humankind."

True, but the time has come for Puce Moment and me to turn our attention to the path of model-kind. As Andre Leon Talley makes his guest judge outfit more and more voluminous, what Rueter labels the "high fashion cycle" of America's Next Top Model grinds toward an inevitable a conclusion. During one commercial break, Rueter talks about Tyra's performance as a Barbie-come-to-life in the 2000 Lindsay Lohan vehicle Life-Size. During the next, Gregerson says my imitation of Ke$ha's rapping sounds like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies.

So, who won ANTM? High fashion Ann, of course. Still, Tyra and company's antics pale in comparison to the final star of our evening's viewing: YouTube guru Katherine Chloé Cahoon, author of The Single Girl's Guide to Dating European Men. Want to date a Bulgarian man like Christo? Cahoon will explain how — with an accent that's pure East Coast private school lockjaw.


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