Miss SaiGon - Page 2

A tiara-worthy wealth of Vietnamese dishes enlivens this Sixth Street spot


Even better were garlic noodles ($8.95), stir-fried with bits of boneless chicken, basil, and lemongrass — a lovely little symphony of melody and harmony, and hot to boot. Bun cha gio ($7.50) — a huge bowl filled with vermicelli noodles, egg rolls, and lettuce, with a side of nuoc mam sauce laced with carrot threads and crushed peanut — was a duet of hot (the egg rolls) and cold (everything else). And that was just fine. When it's chilly out, you don't quibble about whatever form warmth chooses to take, even if it's the eternal smile on the face of a life-sized plastic doll, waving hello and goodbye to all and sundry.


Mon.–Sat., 11 a.m.–9:30 p.m.

100 Sixth St., SF

(415) 522-0332


Beer and wine


Somewhat noisy

Wheelchair accessible


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