Class of 2010: Jane Kim - Page 2

The young progressive from D6 talks about broadening the movement to include jobs and safe, clean streets

Jane Kim thanks supporters on election night.
Tim Daw

"Part of the problem is that small businesses aren't organized," Kim said, noting how that hurt Sup. David Chiu's ability to win support this year for his business tax reform measure that would have helped most small businesses and made some large corporations pay more taxes. "They're busy running their businesses and they don't have the time to look at the details, so they just read the briefing of the Chamber of Commerce."

Kim said she respects the leadership role Daly has played in progressive politics and that she'd "like to be part of the moral compass of the Board of Supervisors." But she also said that Daly's sometimes abrasive style unnecessarily hardened the opposition of moderates to important progressive issues.

"He made it harder to talk about affordable housing," Kim said, noting that the city's dearth of affordable housing should be an issue that's important to middle class voters, noting that it includes housing for people who earn up to 120 percent of the median income for the region. But after Daly hammered on the issue, "It was like a bad word coming out, and people would turn off to the issue."

But she thinks it's a fixable problem if she and her allies do the hard work, an ability they demonstrated this year by defeating Walker, who had been running for the seat for years and lining up all the key endorsements. "Voters do respond to campaigns that work really hard, and that bodes well for progressives," Kim said, noting that she intends to reach out to Walker's supporters. "I don't think I can be successful as a supervisor if I don't work with all the camps in the progressive community."

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