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Can a winner who lost the first-place vote in D10 be a bridge builder?


Cohen supports Sup. John Avalos' efforts to pass mandatory local hire legislation but is open to "creative solutions" to help get it over the finishing line. "People who live here should be working here," Cohen said. "But is 50 percent the magic mandatory hire number? I don't know."

Cohen, who just survived a foreclosure attempt, has promised to be a "fierce advocate" for constituents facing similar challenges, including those who met predatory loan brokers at church.

But asked how she would cut spending or raise revenue to address the city's massive budget deficit, she had no specific answer.

Yet Cohen disagrees with detractors who say she lacks experience. "I may look cute, but don't be misled. I have a public policy background and fire in my belly. I'm a union candidate, I'm smart, I'm talented, and above all, I love the people in D10 and the rest of San Francisco. I want everyone to prosper and receive benefits. So give me a shot."


Please read “Publisher’s View: District 10 Elects New Supervisor” by Steven J. Moss of the Potrero View newspaper. See link below.

It is really enlightening to read about Tony Kelly’s campaign. Mr. Moss writes, “Kelly’s campaign was supplemented by a strategy to undermine the other main Potrero Hill candidate’s – mine – appeal, through a multi-media misinformation campaign.

He avoided direct canvassing, taunting candidate Chris Jackson, who was collecting signatures to place his name on the ballot outside The Good Life Grocery on a cold summer day, that he was going home to his warm apartment rather than interact with voters.”

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Posted by Brian Wallace on Dec. 09, 2010 @ 2:01 pm

Brian -

Steve's memoir of his campaign does not accurately describe my campaign, and given the rather obvious bias of the source, I don't see how anyone should think that it would.

Steve did not contact me about the charges in his article, so I'll state here for the record:
Neither I, nor my campaign, nor anyone involved in my campaign, had anything to do with any supposed 'misinformation' campaign, or any negative campaign strategy against any other candidate.

Steve also misinterprets a joke that I made in July, and tries to spin that into a campaign-wide strategy for the purposes of his self-serving article. If Steve (or you, or anyone) wants to imagine that I came in second in this crowded, complicated race without running a field campaign, that is his (or your) fantasy and it has nothing to do with me.

All best wishes,

Posted by Tony Kelly on Dec. 09, 2010 @ 2:32 pm

Moss comes across as the true idiot he is again.

The European American, as Moss calls himself, comes across as the elitist, racist and non-profit crook he is without any doubt.

Moss has nothing in common with Europeans, aside from the mafia. In Europe people who steal hundreds of thousands and pay it to themselves get prosecuted, unlike SF and it's useless DA's office.

The View is a joke, not quiet as bog a joke as the candidate who spent $300K to $500K and came in fifth.

Mr. Moss if you do so much and have done so much for working families in the Bayview and HP, how come they hate you so much and didn't vote for your pathetic victim ass?

European America, what a moron.

Thank goodness we have Malia in office.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 10, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

Someone needs to take over the View and return it to Ruth days when it was great.

If I see another picture of Moss and his family promotion I'll vomit.

He actually thinks people read his rubbish, obviously not based on the election results.

His next issue addresses mudslinging, Wait a minute Steve baby. Mudslinging is not a label for public filings published that you still refuse to answer.

Use the View for what it is worth - kindling.

Moss is a POS racist.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 12, 2010 @ 1:52 pm

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