Class of 2010: Mark Farrell - Page 2

The new D2 supervisor wants to bring post-partisan "common sense" to City Hall — but he's vague on the specifics


He was also vague about how he will approach land use issues and how tough he'll be with developers in having them meet city design guidelines and provide affordable housing and other community benefits, saying only, "We need to have sustainable development in the city."

Yet the issues that do animate Farrell are those typically focused on by conservative D2 voters. Farrell lists his top priorities as seeing to his district's needs, promoting private sector job creation ("I think a lot of lip service has been paid to it, but not a lot of action by City Hall," he said), public safety, and quality-of-life issues (he supported Prop. L, the sit-lie ordinance, calling it "very reasonable"). Generally Farrell sees San Francisco as a city in he midst of a serious fiscal crisis, "and I want to create a San Francisco that is secure for the future over the long haul."

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