Class of 2010: Scott Wiener - Page 2

His top priorities in D8 are transit, jobs, and preserving entertainment and nightlife

Scott Wiener arrives at his election night party.
Tim Daw

On the question on everyone's mind — who will succeed Mayor Gavin Newsom to serve as the interim mayor? — Wiener said he thinks the best idea is to appoint a caretaker mayor. "Next year's going to be really hard year," he said and a caretaker mayor could "help make some really hard choices that need to be made. I may not like all of those choices, but they can do something that someone who's a brand new mayor seeking reelection may be timid about doing."

Who might he support if the new board selects the successor mayor? "There are some really solid names that have been bandied about, like [San Francisco Public Utilities Director] Ed Harrington or [Sherriff] Mike Hennessey," he replied.

Wiener's going to be mostly a fiscal conservative when it comes to the budget. Any new revenue, he said, "should be very policy-based," for example transit-oriented instead of raising business taxes.

And he has plenty of cuts in mind, including "the way we contract for nonprofits," looking at shared overhead, and consolidation. He also said that "we need to continue moving forward with pension and benefit reform [and] aggressively address overtime in all departments." And what can voters expect from Sup. Scott Wiener that's different from Sup. Bevan Dufty, a mayoral hopeful who currently represents D8? Wiener didn't go too far out on a limb on that one. "There have been some tenant issues that Bevan voted against and I supported," he said. "We've had times where he's been to my left, or I've been to his left, but I can't speculate as to the future. It's going to be case by case." *

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