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America's Cup deal undergoes big changes at the last minute


At press time, it was still an open question whether Ellison will go for it.

"With this latest bit of vetting by us, I think the city has done the utmost it possibly could do in putting forth the best plan it possibly could craft in such a short period of time," Mirkarimi said at the close of the Dec. 13 meeting. "I think that San Francisco stands to be the best contender for hosting America's Cup, and let that message ring well toward Mr. Ellison, and around the country, and abroad."


The speed that occurs with development counters all sensibility in terms of proper and adequate review. CEQA the state law that was meant to allow communities proper and adequate access to discuss and affect development appears every day to be looking more like swiss cheese. The development community, city officials, politicians, and the general profiteering mahem that follows only wrecks havoc with proper and community based visions for the cities future. The public's ability to comment is curtailed, and the lack of discussion or alternative review ends up cutting us all adrift without any wind. The america's cup is not the cities priority, infrastructure, failing transit, and lacking affordability in housing is the critical concerns in our fast disappearing waterfront and open space opportunities.... Do we let Ellison sail away with one of the largest chunks of prime real estate left on the eastern shore? Or do we hold our political representatives accountable and demand a fair-seat at the table when discussing our cities future. Development must shift from the realm of corporate pirates to one of the people's vision for the cities future... Architect's sadly play the part of consultant, and the visions they provide lack any semblance of futuristic ideas, or a community backed concept.

the only thing that results is the blame game later, legal suits, and lost visions of a future for the people, by the people, and with the needs of the city truly envisioned.

aaron goodman

Posted by Guest on Dec. 15, 2010 @ 1:42 pm