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YEAR IN MUSIC: Bay Area rock staked its claim while critical darlings turned bogus in 2010

Abe Pedroza, Shaun Durkan, and Kevin Johnson of Weekend brought Bay rock bliss

Still, this disappointment has been countered by a sense of excitement about music on a local scale, and also a hope that actual songcraft — as embodied by Kisses, whose sublime song "Bermuda" made them a brief Pitchfork flavor-of-the-month — may yet have a comeback. Even as the likes of How to Dress Well and Salem seem to wage a war against musicality that has nothing to do with punk and everything to do with navel-gazing hipster tedium. Let me put it this way. Weekend is coming up, Girls is here for your broken heart, Hunx is around for other parts of your anatomy, and a Soft Moon is on the rise. It would be sheer foolishness to complain.






























































































Thank you for encapsulating my feelings about Monae. I have been afraid to admit, perhaps even to myself, that I find her boring. Not offensive, mind you, or even annoying: just a bit overproduced (image) and derivative (sound). Which, image wise, she's not doing anything that hasn't been done before by Annie Lennox or Grace Jones. And in terms of sound, it's competent, but nothing new under the sun. Everyone seems to be in an ecstatic panic about the whole shebang, so I am glad that one of my most read and admired critics put into print what I had been thinking to myself.

Posted by M on Dec. 17, 2010 @ 2:13 pm

And god, I have been listening to Grace Jones daily lately.

Posted by johnny on Dec. 17, 2010 @ 7:07 pm

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