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YEAR IN VIDEO GAMES, TAKE ONE: Forget Hollywood, this was the year that tiny screens held our attention

Oh man, there goes your month ...

Rise of the DLC Disturbingly, a number of games are being released half in the box and half out; for the full experience you've got to get the downloadable content (DLC). Though this model is partially a sneaky way for distributors and developers to increase revenue, these "microtransactions" can also significantly extend a game's shelf-life, something die-hard fans can applaud. Last winter's Dragon's Age: Origins was a great example, including characters at launch that functioned as in-game advertisements for DLC, but by continuing to release large add-ons like Dragon Age: Origins — Awakening throughout the year, gamers are still playing the title today. It's a thin line, but for now the rewards of microtransactions continue to outweigh the pains.


Unlike almost everyone else, it would seem, I fail to see the appeal of Angry Birds. It's just an oddly nonsensical rip-off of the free Flash game Crash the Castle. Why play the knock-off when you can go back and play the original?

Posted by Belgand on Dec. 23, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

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