Mayoral dynamics - Page 3

Supervisors survey the tricky path to Room 200

SFPUC head Ed Harrington, Sheriff Michael Hennessey, Sup. David Chiu, former Mayor Art Agnos, Sup. David Campos, Aaron Peskin

Mirkarimi is openly backing Agnos. "He has evolved, as I've known him, in the days since being mayor," Mirkarimi said. "I think we've spent too much time on finding the progressive guy to be mayor than on setting up what a progressive caretaker administration would look like." And then there are the wild cards, like state Sen. Mark Leno and City Attorney Dennis Herrera. Herrera's a declared candidate and Leno has made it clear that he'd take the job if it were offered to him.

Given the fact that supervisors can't vote for themselves, it's difficult for any of them to win. "I don't think it's likely that a member of the Board of Supervisors will get enough votes to be mayor," Avalos told us, although he said that Chiu is the one possible exception.

But to get to six votes, Chiu would have to have most of the progressive supervisors supporting him and some moderates, such as D10 Supervisor-elect Malia Cohen (whom Chiu endorsed), D8's Scott Wiener, and/or Chu (who might be persuaded to help elect the city's first Chinese American mayor).

That would be a delicate dance, although it's as likely as any of the other foreseeable scenarios.