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YEAR IN FILM: Top 2010 doc The Two Escobars examines two sides of Colombian narco-soccer

Star defender Andrés Escobar (left) and drug kingpin Pablo Escobar

"We always knew it was going to be extremely controversial," Michael says. "I was nervous in terms of what the reactions from Colombians would be, because obviously it's very delicate, very loaded subject matter. There's so much visceral emotion for any Colombian who went through that period of time. Virtually everyone who lived there in the '80s and '90s was touched by that violence."

Though the brothers are disappointed the film hasn't been shown in Colombia, that doesn't mean no Colombians have seen it.

"Everywhere we've shown the film and done a Q&A, there have been Colombians present," Michael says. "That's been a really rewarding experience."

"For Colombians, it's not an easy 100 minutes to sit through," adds Jeff. "But by the end, [the Colombians we've met] do feel that it's an accurate portrayal, that it's balanced journalism, and that the message is an important one about Colombia moving forward. It presents a lot of hope through Andrés' family. That was our goal, to create a portrayal of Andrés that was heroic. We made sure the voice of his family is the takeaway from the movie. I think it couldn't be more clear once you see the film how opposite Pablo and Andrés are in terms of who they are and what they stand for. I hope that Colombians get a chance to see the film because they'll realize that." 


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