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Our top 10 memorable moments from one of the city's most memorable officials

Oh, you irascible kid

Avalos recalled how Daly left the front of the room, sat down with the audience, and was clapping and cheering as the public criticized the board's Municipal Transportation Agency budget decision. "[Activist] Richard Marquez told me, 'You got to do something to control that guy,' " Avalos recalled.

7. He once reportedly told the "motherfuckers at the Golden Gate Restaurant Association who refuse to pay their employees a living wage, fuck you!"

Actually, the reports on this were wrong: Daly's wife said those words, at Daly's 2006 reelection party, a victory that felt even sweeter because downtown spent $1 million trying to defeat him. "My wife is a bit embarrassed about that speech, but I loved it," Daly said.

8. He claimed Newsom was "artfully dodging allegations of cocaine use" during a board hearing on Newsom's proposed health care cuts in June 2007.

There was never any evidence that the mayor was a coke head. But Daly insisted that the rumors were there, and the mayor never denied them. "What ticked me off was that all the big cuts to public health that year were to stimulant treatment programs," he said.

9. Peskin fired him as chairman of the powerful Budget Committee just before it finalized work on Newsom's proposed $6.06 billion budget.

Peskin cited Daly's bitter public conflict with Newsom over budget priorities. "Fundamentally the budget process is about public policy and not about personality," Peskin stated at the time. "When I called him to say he was out, he said it was totally cool. But then for the next six months, he wouldn't talk to me," Peskin told us.

10. In January 2010, Daly told the board's Rules Committee that he would use the word fuck in each of his remaining board meetings.

"That was really helpful to our cause," Peskin recalled.